Dermaplaning Consent Form

Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical form of exfoliation. This method of exfoliation uses a specialized blade that was designed for dermaplaning for the removal of accumulated dead skin cells as well as vellus hair, also known as “peach fuzz”.

Following the treatment of dermaplaning, the skin will have a softer, smoother texture as well as the ability to absorb  the active ingredients of home care products.

Just like the use of any kind of sharp tool there is the possibility that scratches, nicks and cuts may occur. Our skin care therapists take every precaution to prevent scratches, scrapes, nicks and cuts.

There are contraindications to this treatment, they are but not limited to the following:
• Diabetes (uncontrolled by medication or diet)
• Cancer
• Active Acne
• Bleeding Disorders
• Inability for blood to coagulate
• Keloids
• Medications (Aspirin & Accutane)
• Topical Ingredients (Retinols/Retin-A, Hydroquinone, Acids)