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Hi, I’m Tracy

Lash Super-Nerd + Your Instructor

I invite all aspiring lash artists to join us in our Professional Lash Artistry course.

I’m proud to present a hands-on training that is mindfully designed to have you producing high-quality lash sets in a short amount of time. You already have the passion for lashes, so why not channel it into a skill that will make you a comfortable income?

It has always been my dream to bring something innovative to the lash industry. That’s why you won’t find the usual, boring slide shows in my classes. Students receive a detailed educational manual a week before classes start so that they have time to absorb lash theory. Once classes actually start, we get to the REAL work. Each day includes a mix of theory review, troubleshooting, skills practice, and model practice. Class sizes are small and intimate.

My approach is to break down lessons and skills into bite-sized chunks. I want my students to gain a practical understanding of what they’re learning and be able to apply these theories in their actual trade.

Graduate with up to 40 hours of hands-on education and 4 live model practices. All courses include a professional kit.

Foundations $1300 (16 Hours)

This 2-day class is theory heavy and covers everything you need to know about classic eyelash extension application. Students will receive a diploma upon completion.

This class is perfect for someone who is budget conscious, and has the time and resources to practice their skills on their own time.

+ Advanced Class Techniques and Styling $1500 (8 Hours)
In addition to the Foundations Course, this extra day will give you the chance to fine tune the skills you’ve learned from the foundations course and produce picture perfect classic lash sets.

+ Light Volume and Lash Correction Techniques $1800 (16 hours)

To round out the Professional Lash Artistry Course, we offer an additional day that covers advanced techniques. We’ll get into advanced skills, like adding volume, hiding natural gaps, and correcting lash direction, that will set you apart from the competition and turn you into an in-demand lash artist.

+ Client Acquisition Support $2000

Our host, Muse+Maven offers a unique opportunity in preparing students for real salon clients.

You’ve got the training and a natural eye for lashes, but might still be unsure of what it’s like to take on your first clients. I’ve been there and know that it can be intimidating to take the first step towards being an independent lash artist. But don’t worry, with our Client Acquisition Support I’ll be there to walk you through the process. With the skills you acquired, there’s a good chance your clients will want to rebook with you.


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